The Valspar Foundation

The Valspar Foundation was established in 1979. The purpose of the Valspar Foundation is to provide philanthropic assistance in those communities where we live and work. Valspar believes that it is important to be involved in the communities in which it operates and to financially support those organizations that address community needs and enhance the communities' quality of life. The Valspar Foundation is funded entirely by the Corporation.

Globally, Valspar employees, the Valspar Foundation and the Valspar Corporation responded with donations to the victims of the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Sichuan earthquake in China.

Sichuan Earthquake

Each day brings growing understanding of the magnitude of the loss of life and destruction from the earthquake in China. Many employees have asked if the company is providing assistance and if there is anything they can do personally to help.

To date, Huarun employees and distributors have contributed over $200,000 to assist victims of the earthquake, Valspar employees in Shanghai have contributed $12,000 and Valspar management has approved a $25,000 donation from the Valspar Foundation.